Roster and Free Agents

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Roster and Free Agents

Post by ThreeKFive on Tue Jul 21, 2015 8:28 am

This is the current roster signed to the 3K5 Universe. If looking for a Free Agent just find someone who doesn't have a username next to there name. To claim a Free Agent you have to register on the site. Once you do that let a mod in the chat know and claim your guy!

Note Premium Users are marked by a *. Premium users have donated to the channel and get benefeits such as extra time before they'll lose there superstar from being inactive, Being able to reserve a superstar for the next WWE game, Using customs, and more if you want to donate go here!

Note if you are premium member you can choose 1 Diva and 1 Superstar.

WWE Superstars

Adam Rose
Aiden English
AJ Styles - Deadscar2099
Andre the Giant
Arn Anderson
Bad News Barrett - dunham
Bam Bam Bigelow
Baron Corbin - Rocker
Batista - Kill2152
Big Boss Man
Big E - ExpertCrook
Big Show - MagicSteve
Billy Gunn
Blake - Joshua
Bo Dallas
Booker T - Nate Fisher
Bray Wyatt - HurrdurrSoda
Bret "Hit Man" Hart - wellimhere
Brian Pillman
British Bulldog
Brock Lesnar - TommyDurrant
Cesaro - reganator
Chris Jericho - heyimartz
Christian - mcmcookie
CM Punk - JesterDude
Colin Cassady OP Hog Rider
Colonel Mustafa
Curtis Axel
D-Lo Brown
Damien Sandow
Daniel Bryan - Alijah00
Daren Young -  llamas
Dean Ambrose - imjustabruh
Diamond Dallas Page -
Dolph Ziggler - Sneaker
Dusty Rhodes
Edge - JibberJobber
Enzo Amore - jtd
Erick Rowan - Roblox
Finn Bálor - J_man
Fit Finlay
General Adnan
Golddust - Kitty
Heath Slater - warhorse
Hideo Itami - Mini
Honky Tonk Man
Jack Swagger
Jake "The Snake" Roberts - jakethesnakeroberts
JBL - jjster
Jeff Hardy - Dallas_baseball
Jey Uso - Demar
Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart
Jimmy Uso -
John Cena - KoolKenzie
Kalisto - derich
Kane - Fabian
Ken Shamrock
Kevin Nash - imtheguyyss
Kevin Owens - mrmattspace
Kofi Kingston - lolforrealz
Larry Zbyszko
Lex Luger
Lord Steven Regal
Luke Harper - guzman
"Macho Man" Randy Savage - thGame
Mankind - pokemonlover
Mark Henry
Mikey Whipwreck
Miz - soulhacker
Mr. Perfect
Neville - jaymercury
Randy Orton - Starwarsmania
"Ravishing" Rick Rude
Ric Flair
Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat
Roddy Piper
Roman Reigns - Kitty
Rusev - Fart
Ryback - NXT - Lucus
Sami Zayn - Klash
Samoa Joe - coca cola
Santino Marella
Savio Vega
Seth Rollins - Goon
Sgt. Slaughter
Shane McMahon - clashwolf
Shawn Michaels - JBeats
Sheamus - jobags
Simon Gotch
Sin Cara - LampWarrior
Stardust - rkogaming
Stevie Ray
Sting - Raw - Whatif
"Stone Cold" Steve Austin - AwesomeACK
Tatsumi Fujinami
Titus O'Neil
The Rock - brettnhl
The Undertaker - Raw - gaming_lov
Triple H - Wolfsftw
Tyler Breeze - JD
Tyson Kidd - ikeyboy
Ultimate Warrior - lampwarrior
Xavier Woods
Zack Ryder - camperscience

Once the stream gets bigger women will be used!

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