How this new universe is going to work

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How this new universe is going to work

Post by ThreeKFive on Thu Jul 21, 2016 5:23 pm

1. Every superstars overall is set to 85 and have no abilities in the ability section
2. Unless you show up the 1st weekend I stream (July 23rd,24th) You will start out in NXT AKA the minors.
3. The points you earn in the stream over time and through gambling can be used to give your superstar an ability. (Every 200 points can be exchanged for an ability)
4. If you change characters your old character will lose all his abilities and sent back to NXT (You can't transfer abilities to your new guy)
5. If you do choose a new guy you will start down in NXT though if you are an active viewer you won't stay for long
6. You have no choice when you are called up to the main roster I will make that decision
7. I will be making a ranking chart if you are in the top 3 for a belt you can request to start a rivalry and trying to claim that belt.
8. If you lose your title unless it is the WWE Championship you are not guaranteed a rematch.
9. I will be trying to go through 1 week of in game time every day I stream which means 1 Raw, 1 Superstars, 1 NXT

Will be updated as I think of more to write.

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