Finn Balor Payback Attire

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Finn Balor Payback Attire Empty Finn Balor Payback Attire

Post by Ajduelest on Thu Jan 28, 2016 7:12 pm

Going to with a Freddy Kruger theme for this one.

The paint is going to be his paint for NXT Takeover London.

Remove his arm sleeves

Change his trunks to some black pants.

For the Entrance Only:
Use Xavier Woods jacket template (not the wwe one) and Change the Colours to Red and Black. Add a glove to his right hand and make it brown. Then for the blades add a grey rectangle over my fingers to make it look like his blades. And lastly add the undertakers hat but make it Brown.

His Entrance Attire should look something like this:
Finn Balor Payback Attire Balor_10

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