Online League Overview and Rules

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Online League Overview and Rules

Post by ThreeKFive on Fri Jan 08, 2016 11:02 pm

Welcome Ill be as brief as possible

Here are the rules while playing online

1. No spamming the same move over and over.

2. When playing with others be respectful.

3. No glitches

4. No pins until you have used at least 1 finisher unless its a rollup

5. No CAWs for now

6. Have fun with it

7. Try to make the match realistic as possible

8. If the person gets kicked due to the network crashing the match will be restarted

Time for the overview.

-Matchcards will be found on this site.
-There will be 1 show at 1st Raw once there are more people we will split into more shows.
-If you are losing a lot don't expect to get a WWE Championship match until you start winning more.

More will be added keep checking this for updates!


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