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Post by ThreeKFive on Tue Jul 21, 2015 8:10 am

Hello everyone! Welcome to the 3K5 Universe forum! I hope you all have fun here but let me go ahead and lay some rules down.

1. Be respectful to people. I understand that when you cut a promo you want to talk trash and that's fine but make sure when you do you talk that trash towards the wrestler not the user himself.

2. Have fun! The whole point of this is to have fun so make sure you go and have it!

3. No spamming. This ones obvious nobody likes spam.

4. No advertising unless given permission. You wouldn't like me to advertise on all of your stuff would you?

5. Keep the swearing down. It can happen every once in a while but expect a ban if you swear every other word.

6. When you make an account if you currently have a superstar make him your profile pic so we all know who you are!

7. When you sign up please use your twitch username so I know who you are!

Check back here often for updated rules. You didn't know is not an excuse!

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